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Airport solutions from AirITSystems.

What the dream of flying has to do with your IT solution

Hannover Airport is not only our shareholder and headquarters, the airport company is also our biggest customer. Ensuring the smooth operation of all IT structures at Hannover Airport is one of our most important tasks. We at AirIT are responsible for compliance with 40 service level agreements concluded in the field of computer services, data centres and airport and communication systems. All information and communication technology systems and part of the building systems at Hannover Airport are operated by AirIT or modernised/introduced as part of its projects.

In each individual project and based on requirements and requests, AirIT covers the service spectrum ranging from carrying out requirements analysis/planning, preparing specifications, issuing calls to tenders, and implementing and supporting project phases through to subsequent operation. Whether smaller or larger projects – we remain focused on our job of providing services for the customer.

We then use this unique background and expertise from our daily work at Hannover Airport in all product areas. Our clients from various sectors benefit from our advantageous experience that sets us apart from other IT and security service providers.

An overview of our airport solutions:


  • Telephone system
  • Data network
  • Trunked radio system
  • Intercom system

Data centre operation:

  • Office communications
  • SAP
  • CAD
  • Forecasting tool
  • Safety management system
  • Eplan software
  • IT security

Technical building equipment:

  • Video surveillance
  • Building control system
  • Time logging system
  • Electro-acoustic system
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Access controls
  • Parking guidance system
  • Antenna system
  • Energy information system

Operation control and information system:

  • DACS −digital alarm and communication system
  • PECS −personal emergency call system
  • Emergency call (warning)
  • Warning system
  • Client security control centre
  • RMS −resource management system

Airport-specific applications:

  • CUTE −common used terminal equipment
  • Flight noise measurement system
  • Docking system
  • FLIRT −flight information reporting tool
  • UFIS −universal flight information system
  • FIDS −flight information display system
  • Baggage conveyor system
  • Proveo real-time system −collection, processing and presentation of current equipment- and vehicle statistics