AirITSystems. Stable, secure, state-of-the-art.

We took off from the airport. This is where you find complexity at its purest, the highest security requirements and 24-hour operation. What goes on here will no doubt work for you too.

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AirITSystems - Ihr IT-Dienstleister in Hannover

Everything in view Building security from AirITSystems.

People, property and intellectual property in business must be protected. Material and know-how from AirITSystems provide security at the highest level.

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Gebäudesicherheit: Lösungen von AirITSystems

Networking all business processes:  Seize opportunities, eliminate risks.

Today, data is one of the most important business resources. If it is unavailable or stolen, this causes considerable damage. We offer strategies and services to protect your business.

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IT-Sicherheit: Lösungen von AirITSystems

Building security

Protection und surveillance of buildings.

Access control systems, video surveillance, etc. Find out more 

IT security

protecting data, network security

Managed security, network security, etc. Find out more

Information security

security concepts, emergency and crisis management

Security concepts, emergency and crisis management, etc. Find out more


Network technology from AirITSystems

Switching, routing, wireless LAN, system management, etc.
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Business processes and SAP

Authorisation and security concepts, Implementierung/operation of SAP solutions

Authorisation/security concepts, implementation, etc.  Find out more

Collaboration solutions

Online-Collaboration - web-based solutions for company-wide information management and project collaboration.

AWARO project space technology,
data rooms, etc. Find out more

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